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“Above all, music must move the heart...” C. P. E. Bach

The purpose of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music is to promote the study and performance of music of the eighteenth century. The Society provides a forum where scholars and performers can further their knowledge of music, history and interrelated arts of the period and serves as a resource to facilitate and encourage collaboration.

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A panel presented by The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music
at the AMS meeting in Louisville
Friday, November 13, Nunn Room, 5:15 pm (Note time change)

Moderator: Michael E. Ruhling, Rochester Institute of Technology
Evan Cortens, Calgary, Alberta (Editor)
Mark Knoll (Steglein Publishing)
Janette Tilley, Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY (the Web Library of Seventeenth-Century Music)
Tom Tropp, North Park University (The Galant Masters Project)

SECM in Austin 2016

The Society for Eighteenth-Century Music will hold its seventh biennial conference at the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas, Austin, February 25–28, 2016. We invite proposals for papers and other presentations on any aspect of eighteenth-century music. Presentations may be traditional papers of 25 minutes (35-minute slot), work-in-progress presentations of 10 minutes (20-minute slot), panels (45 minutes) or lecture-recitals (up to 45 minutes). Preference will be given to those who did not present at the 2014 meeting. All presenters must be members of SECM.

Submit your proposal (250 words) as an e-mail attachment to the chair of the program committee, Dianne Lehmann Goldman. The deadline for proposals is September 15, 2015. Only one submission per author will be considered. Please provide a cover sheet and proposal in separate documents. The cover sheet should contain your name, e-mail address, phone number, and proposal title. The proposal should contain only the title, abstract, and audio-visual requirements. The committee’s decision will be announced in mid-October. Several period keyboard instruments will be available. For information, please contact local arrangements chair Guido Olivieri. Students are encouraged to apply for the Sterling E. Murray Award for Student Travel; the application form and information may be found below. The application deadline is November 1, 2015. The SECM Student Paper Award will be given to a student member for an outstanding paper presented at the conference.

Extension of the deadline for the Sterling E. Murray Award for Student Travel
The deadline for applications for the student travel award to attend SECM's 2016 meeting in Austin, TX, is extended to November 15.

The University of Cincinnati’s Music Theory and Musicology Society
is hosting a student conference on 15–16 April 2016 with keynotes by Janet Schmalfeldt and Neal Zaslaw.
The submission deadline for papers and posters is December 15, 2015. The CFP can be found on this page:


A proposed North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) session at the annual conference of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) will have as its focus Anglo-American musics during the long eighteenth century. The conference will occur March 31–April 3, 2016 in Pittsburgh. We invite scholars from a wide variety of disciplines (musicology, historical ethnomusicology, history, literature, cultural studies, anthropology, economics, and folklore studies) to submit proposals that examine interrelationships between British and American music over this period. Building on recent postcolonial inquiry in musicology and British history, we seek to fashion a panel that will examine how music functions in the circulation of cultures, commodities, and identities across the Atlantic. Appropriate topics might include: British music in American and Caribbean colonies; influences of and references to colonial music in British musical life; postcolonial perspectives on British and American identities (gender, race, nation, religion, and class); transatlantic musical correlations between Britain and the United States in postcolonial and early Federal period; and intersections between Anglophone musics and those of other cultures. Three presenters will be selected through blind review of abstracts by a program committee consisting of scholars who specialize in Anglo-American music. We will entertain individual proposals as well as submissions of unified three-person panels.
Please include your name, institutional affiliation (if applicable), contact information, and the title of your paper in the body of an email. Abstracts of no more than 250 words should include the title of the paper and no other identifying information. Please send abstracts as Microsoft Word attachments to by Friday, September 12, 2015.


SECM is sponsoring the following session at the annual conference of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS). The conference will occur March 31–April 3, 2016 in Pittsburgh.
Music, Art, Literature
Music-making is depicted in art and features as an activity in 18th-century literary works. This seminar addresses the ways in which these arts interacted in the 18th century, and what this interaction can tell us about how people reacted, or were supposed to react, to music. Making use of material from one discipline within another discipline is always challenging, as each requires its own specialized knowledge. Thus, collaborative work, with scholars of two or more disciplines working together, is especially encouraged.
Chair: Janet K. Page
Deadline: September 15, 2015

The Sterling E. Murray Award for Student Travel, named in honor of SECM’s founding president, was established in 2011 to encourage and enable college and university students currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students in accredited academic programs and having career interests that relate to the mission of the Society for Eighteenth- Century Music, to attend the Society’s biennial meetings. The award consists of $500 to support travel expenses as well as a student membership in the Society for one year. Award recipients are announced in the Society’s newsletter and recognized at the meeting that they attend. Further information and an application form can be found here.

The “Bononcini Project” of the Fondazione Arcadia promotes the music of Giovanni Bononcini with a web site, an online works catalog and downloadable scores. Further information can be found at their web site.

SECM in Brooklyn 2010: Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music I has been published by Steglein Publishing. This volume prints ten papers read at conference of our society in Brooklyn, NY in 2010. The book is the SECM 2013 membership gift. Further information about the title can be found at Steglein’s web site:

Haydn and His Contemporaries has been published by Steglein Publishing. This volume prints thirteen papers read at the joint conference of our society and the Haydn Society of North America in Claremont, CA in 2008. The book is the SECM 2011 membership gift. Further information about the title can be found at Steglein’s web site:

A list of dissertations currently being written or recently completed on topics pertaining to music in the eighteenth century can be found here.

With the help of the RIT Press and Peter Alexander, the Haydn Society of North America has re-started the HSNA Newsletter, but now as an updatable electronic newsletter that works together with our HAYDN online journal, and has RSS feed capabilities. Please go to and click on HSNA Newsletter to read the current content. To submit items to the newsletter's editor Peter Alexander, send them to

The complete text of Charles Burney’s The Present State of Music in France and Italy, 2nd, corrected edition, (London: T. Becket and Co., 1773), is now available here. Access is free and open to anyone.

SECM members get 20% discount on Eighteenth-Century Music and Journal of Musicology

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